Colorado Walmart kidnapping stopped by bystanders

Brave bystanders lept into action Thursday to stop a woman from kidnapping a child from a Colorado Walmart, police said.

Shoppers restrained alleged kidnapper Kimberli Jones, 50, until police arrived, the city of Alamosa said.

Jones allegedly snatched “a young child” from a shopping cart inside a Walmart just before 1 p.m., cops said.

Bystanders quickly stopped Jones from stealing the kid and held her until police arrived.

Bystanders spring into action to stop a would-be kidnapper from taking a child from a Colorado Walmart.
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The innocent child was reunited safely with their parents.

Jones was slapped with kidnapping, felony menacing, child abuse and disorderly conduct,

“The Alamosa Police Department would like to thank the brave citizens, Wal-Mart staff, and community for the quick response and for being alert,” police said.

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