Van dumped in Totton after series of burglaries

Officers were called to Singleton Way on Wednesday, February 8, after a tracking system in a recently stolen quad bike activated there.

Police located a white Ford Transit van parked at the junction with Radleigh Gardens.

Inside they found a stolen quad bike and a number of tools that have since been identified and returned to their owners.

The van was stolen in Dorset on February 5. 

The stolen items inside the van relate to two separate incidents.

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The first occurred on February 7, between 9pm and 10.30pm when a quad bike was stolen from a business on Rhinefield Road, Brockenhurst.

The second incident occurred between 5pm the same day and 7.30am the following day, when tools were stolen in a burglary on Hopclover Way.

The police are asking the public for any information that may assist.

Anyone with information is asked to phone 101 with reference 44220104150.

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