The Masked Singer UK 2023 LIVE — Jacket Potato UNMASKED as Bon Jovi star Richie Sambora

The first elimination in the Masked Singer semi-final has taken place – with Jacket Potato unmasked as a HUGE US rock star.

Tonight’s The Masked Singer will see a DOUBLE elimination – and many think they know which stars are hiding behind the five remaining costumes.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: ”I’m going for: Phoenix – Ricky Wilson, Fawn – Natasha Hamilton, Jellyfish – Amber Riley, Rhino – Charlie Simpson, Jacket Potato – Jarvis Cocker.”

But after the first audience vote, Jacket Potato was unveiled as Bon Jovi legend Richie Sambora, after months of speculation it was the rocker hiding behind the mask.

Meanwhile, the current season of The Masked Singer will come to an end with the grand finale NEXT WEEKEND – with the final three contestants battling it out to be crowned champion.

Read our Masked Singer 2023 blog below for the latest…

  • What a performance!

    Rhino’s latest and loudest clue is – ”Zombie”.

    The judges are stumped.

  • Hoping to charge into the grand final is Rhino!

    Last but not least is Rhino.

    Judges are instantly impressed with the stars vocals.

    As Davina said – WOW!

  • It’s clue time

    Phoenix shared their latest clue.

    It was ”frequency”.

    But what does this mean?

  • Fans love Phoenix’s song choice

    Fans are loving Phoenix’s rendition of Grace Kelly by Mika.

    One said: ”we stan the Mika song choice.”

    A second added: ”GRACE KELLY MY FAVE SONG.”

  • The judges are confused

    As Phoenix performs the judges seem puzzled.

    Peter thinks the star has changed his voice and Rita has no clue who is behind the mask.

  • Welcome back!

    It’s nearly time for the second audience vote of the night.

    But first up Phoenix is taking to the stage again.

  • Fans think they know who Fawn is

    One wrote: ”Fawn is Cheryl Cole. Or Kimberley Walsh. Def one of girls aloud.”

    A second said: ”Fawn is Myleene Klass.”

    While a third guessed: ”Fawn is Kym Marsh.”

  • It’s time for a break!

    It’s time for an ad break – but when The Masked Singer returns two more stars will take to the stage.

    Who will make it to the grand final?

    Stay tuned to find out.

  • It’s time for another clue…

    Fawn’s loudest clue ever is ”Rankin”.

    But what does this mean?

  • Next up is Fawn!

    Singing for a second time is Fawn.

    Davina is impressed with the stars voice!

  • It’s the loudest clue ever

    Did you see how big the megaphone was?

    You wouldn’t be able to miss the latest clue from Jellyfish – it was ”diva”.

  • It’s Jellyfish!

    First up singing for a place in the grand final is Jellyfish.

    What a performance!

  • Fans are impressed with Richie

    One wrote: ”Well done Bon Jovi legend Richie Sambora!”

    A second said: ”OMG Richie Sambora! Legend!”

  • It’s Richie Sambora!

    It’s none other than legend Richie Sambora.

    Did you guess it right?


    It’s time to find out who Jacket Potato is…

    Take it off!

  • It’s the end for Jacket Potato

    Jacket Potato’s time on The Masked Singer has come to an end.

    But we will soon find out who’s hiding behind the mask.

  • The results are in…

    The singers returning to perform again are…

    Phoneix, Fawn, Jellyfish and Rhino!

  • It’s time for the audience to pick their favourite star

    It’s up to the studio audience.

    One character will soon be unmasked – but which one?

  • The guesses are in…

    Johnathon thinks Rhino is James Arthur.

    Davina thinks Charlie Simpson is hiding behind the mask.

    Peter has guessed Charlie Simpson also.

    Rita agrees with Charlie Simpson.

    While Mo think’s Robbie Williams – but the crowd don’t seem to be convinced.

  • WOW!

    The judges are impressed as Rhino takes to the stage.

    Johnathon thinks he recognises James Arthurs voice – do you agree?

  • It’s Rhino!

    Next up is Rhino.

    Will the judges guess the star behind the mask from tonight’s performance?

  • The judges are loving it!

    The panel are loving Phoenix’s performance but are still confused.

    Mo in particular loves the song choice which in his words is a tune.

  • Phoenix is flying on to the stage

    Next up is Phoenix.

    Clues include, the date 2012, a blue drink and a chair stand.

  • The clue is in

    The clue is platinum and the judges think it refers to albums.

    Is Fawn an award winning singer?

  • Peter’s put his detective skills to the test

    Guest judge Peter Crouch has guessed Myleene Klass.

    Will he be right?

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