Romsey Rugby Club raises £8,500 for ex-player injured on tour

Sam Newman, a former junior at Romsey Rugby Club, suffered fractures to his pelvis, spine, and both hands, and dislocated his left wrist in Ireland.

The youngster is currently being treated by doctors in St James Hospital in Dublin in the spinal unit.

He is now stable, conscious, and alert and is awaiting a back operation. 

His parents Baz and Alice flew to Ireland to be beside their son during a tough time. 

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Club volunteer and family friend Tristan Pattison told the Echo: “Sam is a good, friendly, and well-liked man. 

“I have known him since he was very young. 

“He now plays for his university team, but the family will always remain part of the rugby family. 

“It’s very sad that he got hurt during his trip, but our thoughts are with him and the family. 

“He still has a very long road to recovery, and obviously the family is facing these unexpected costs, but hopefully soon they’ll be able to bring him back to the UK.” 

The Newman family has been part of the Romsey rugby community for many years. 

Sam was part of the under-18 team (Colt side) and his dad is the club’s youth chairman and coaches the current under-13 team. 

Members of the club have organised a fundraiser to help cover travel and medical expenses.

The rugby community started the fundraiser on Monday and aimed to raise £5,000.

It has now raised around £8,500. 

Tristan added: “It’s crazy and incredible. 

“The family told us that they are overwhelmed and thankful for the generosity shown by the community.”

In a message posted on the GoFundMe page for Sam, his dad said: “Sam is doing well after surgery.”

They added: “Thank you to all who have wished Sam, Alice and I well and who have supported us through all of this.”

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