Promise Day Special: What Are The 7 Vows of a Traditional Hindu Marriage and Its Significance

New Delhi, February 11: Every year, Promise Day is celebrated globally on February 11 as a part of Valentine’s week celebration. On this day loved ones make promises to each other to keep their relationship strong and everlasting. In a world where trust is often in short supply, Promise Day is a reminder of the importance of being trustworthy. A promise is a demonstration of trust, and keeping one’s promises builds trust in a relationship.

In Hinduism too vows play a very significant role. When a Hindu couple ties the knot they take seven vows to keep their partner happy. Promise Day 2023 Date in Valentine Week: Know the Significance and Celebrations of the Fifth Day of Valentine’s Week That Focuses on Commitments.

First Promise

The groom promises to take care of his bride, their children and the family. In return, the bride undertakes the responsibility of looking after the groom’s home and his food.

Second Promise

The groom promises to protect his bride under all circumstances. In return, the bride promises to stand by her husband through his agonies and ecstasies.

Third Promise

The groom promises to work hard to earn enough wealth for the family and in return, the bride promises to effectively take care of the income and expenses.

Fourth Promise

The groom promises to entrust the responsibility of his household to his bride and respect her wise decisions regarding the same. In return, the bride promises to fulfill her duties to the best of her abilities for a respectful living.

Fifth Promise

The groom promises to consult his wife in all important matters. In return, the bride promises to support her groom in all his endeavors.

Sixth Promise

The groom promises to remain committed and loyal to his bride besides considering her alone as his wife. The bride in return promises to remain faithful to her husband.

Seventh Promise

The groom promises to lead his entire life with his bride, who is not just his wife but his friend forever. In return, the wife too promises to spend her life with him until the very end.

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