Deadly Eastern Brown Snake found hiding in gumboot in Queensland

A venomous eastern brown snake was found hiding in an unexpected place over the weekend in Queensland, giving one family quite a shock.

Anthony Adams, from Southern Downs Snake Catchers, received a call from a concerned resident, who found the reptile hiding in a gumboot in Warwick, about 130 kilometres south-west of Brisbane.

Adams said he was “surprised” to see the brown snake, which is Australia’s second most venomous land snake, believed responsible for the majority of fatalities.

Eastern venomous reptile was only just visible in the boot. (Southern Downs Snake Catcher)

The snake was moving along a low shelf before it dropped down and climbed into the boot, according the snake handler.

“It was the first time finding a snake in a gumboot, but they can pop up anywhere. I was surprised to see it was a brown, but they are capable of showing up in unexpected places,” he said, explaining the species aren’t known for their climbing abilities.

“It’s important to check things like boots and shoes if left outside, as well as making sure screens and doors are shut and secure.

“This one was found inside the house and the caller is very lucky to have seen it and known where it went.”

Adams warned snakes can become “very dangerous” in situations like this due to their unpredictably.

The deadly snake was found hiding in a gumboot in Warwick. (Southern Downs Snake Catchers)

It was the third brown snake Adams has caught this weekend.

The second snake was found in a roll of fencing mesh and the other under the compressor of a freezer.

An eastern brown snake has found itself hiding in an unexpected place over the weekend in Queensland. (Southern Downs Snake Catchers)

When it comes to snake and spiders, there are a few species’ bites that require immediate first aid.

“Place the firm bandage over the bite site and the rest of the bitten limb, over the top of clothing if there’s some in place. Keep the limb still with a splint, and the patient still as well,” White said.

Tiny but deadly brown snake is all but invisible in this photo

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