Bolton: Man pleads guilty to charge of attempted robbery

Robert White, 36, was brought before Bolton Crown Court after trying to steal £100 from another man in Bolton on April 30 last year.

Standing before Judge Nicholas Clarke KC, White admitted his crime, pleading guilty to a single count of attempted robbery, and was told he would be brought back to learn his fate at a later date.

Judge Clarke said: “You need to understand that I’ve not addressed my mind to sentencing options, all options will be open to the court.”

He added: “The prosecution and defence will advance their cases at a later date but you will be given credit for having pleading guilty.”

Andrew Mackintosh, prosecuting, briefly confirmed the crime that White, of Seymour Road, Ashton-on-Ribble, had been charged with and agreed to put his case when the court returns for sentencing next month.

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Martin Pizzey, defending, accepted that White would be granted credit for having admitted to his crime and will make further arguments in his client’s favour at the next hearing.

Judge Clarke set Wednesday, March 15 for the sentencing and ordered to White to return to the court on that date.

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