Beefalo Meat House, Bolton , pledges donation night after earthquake

Beefalo Meat House on Blackburn Road, opened by renowned Turkish chef Bayram Yuce, is holding a donation night on Monday, March 6, where all money paid for dinner will be going to people Turkey after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country on Monday.

Director of the restaurant, Orkun Derin, from Turkey, expressed his sadness at seeing his home country torn apart and more than 20,000 people killed.

The Bolton News:

Orkun’s family were in the capital Ankara, which was least affected by the earthquake but they have seen the impact of the horrific ordeal on the country.

He said: “Anyone who dines with us on March 6, the money will all go to Turkey.

“This is the worst earthquake in 48 years to happen to Turkey, so many people have died already and it will be many more yet.

“People are struggling with their lives so we want to help how ever we can because this is our country.”

Families are still being rescued from under fallen buildings and those that are alive are then struggling to find shelter and food.

Temperatures are also freezing cold.

Orkun said: “Families in the capital like mine are now opening their homes to people that have nowhere to go.

“What they need the most is shelter, so we want to donate our money so they can get what they need.”

All dinner payments will go to AHBAP, an organisation is Turkey working on the ground to help provide people with essentials such as food and shelter.

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Orkun added: “If you ask me if there is any hope, I would say no.

“There is no hope left in Turkey.

“For days I have been watching the news and talking to my family there and there is just so much death.

“It will over 10 years to rebuild everything.”

Orkun and the rest of the team at Beefalo Meat House will announce the donation night on their social media channels in due course.

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