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We’re tickled pink to announce that KitchenAid has debuted a Color of the Year out of the blue. Are you green with envy that The Post got to see it first?

Cheer up, sunshine (yellow); we can now share the black, white, and read all-over news with you that the official KitchenAid Color of the Year for 2023 is … hibiscus!

Announced to media and the world on the evening of Feb. 9, the folks at KitchenAid debuted the new hue for their stand mixer and blender. Then, in collaboration with designer Marta Del Rio and others, and timed perfectly to New York Fashion Week, the color was incorporated into clothes designed by Del Rio, as well as five other designers, including Jackson WiederhoeftTara BabylonTia AdeolaBach Mai and Man Made Skins.

Upon entering the venue, I found out the color was a vivid shade of pink, then finding out the exact name the more I walked into the space.

A pink mixer with flowers
The hibiscus theme was then all over the place, with the mixer and the flower used in the decor


A pink mixer and belnder
The blender also got some attention, with the real version in the space as well as a life-sized version inside the venue.


What inspired hibiscus to be the official color of 2023, and why a fashion element with Del Rio? We spoke to Douglas Searles, the general manager at KitchenAid, and Marta Del Rio herself during the event so that they could explain the new color and the exciting partnership in their own words.

“KitchenAid is made to attract, and this color is made to attract. Marta’s designs are so attractive as well that this was just a perfect partnership when it came together,” Searles explained. When asked to describe the color? “Vivid fushia with a matte finish.”

We understand the bold and beautiful color, but why splash it on the iconic stand mixer? It truly is one of the best-selling pillar products for KitchenAid, serving as a focal point and conversation starter in kitchens across the world from generation to generation.

“KitchenAid is an experiential brand, [and] since the kitchen is the heart of the home, the stand mixer has been core to families,” said Searles. “Decades of emotions and memories attached to our products have made it an icon, not only because of the design but also because of what it means to people and the emotional connection they have with the product.”

A model in pink clothes
The runway was an interactive one, with models coming and going, showing off the amazing hybrid, hibiscus looks.

models in pink clothes
The runway was an interactive one, with models coming and going, showing off the amazing hybrid, hibiscus looks.


models in pink clothes
The runway was an interactive one, with models coming and going, showing off the amazing hybrid, hibiscus looks.


We also chatted with Marta Del Rio, who spearheaded the fashion element of the announcement event, currently rocking half a head of hair to match the hibiscus pink color (the other half was a contrasting neon green) and a stand mixer-inspired dress.

How do you marry nature and manufactured appliances? Del Rio had all the answers.

“It felt so natural. The product itself has these beautiful lines and man-made, almost robotic product, and then you have the juxtaposition of the color being inspired by the hibiscus flower, which is so soft, and blooms,” she said. “Opposites attract. I love a hard shell and then a beautiful pleated pant blooming out of it. I love having softness in a shirt and a hard metal hugging it. It gives you a contemporary balance in today’s fashion.”

When asked about her take on the shade itself, Del Rio lit up almost as bright at the hibiscus hue, explaining why her passion for fashion and the color go hand-in-hand.

“It’s made to attract and be joyful and enjoyed,” Del Rio said of the color. “I hope when people see this, they realize there are ways to find enjoyment everywhere and design and creativity isn’t stuck in one industry — you can be inspired by the day-to-day.”

The 12-piece fashion collection cannot be bought in stores; however, the appliances are now available in the new hibiscus shade, sold on the KitchenAid site and ready to bring joy into homes worldwide in 2023 and beyond.

A pink stand mixer

The bright hibiscus stand mixer is a perfect way to dress up your kitchen. The 2023 model comes with the premium stand mixer accessories pack, including five stand mixer attachments and two bowl sizes to accommodate just about any recipe.

A pink blender

Shake things up with the newest 2023 shade on the beloved K400 blender. The retrofuturistic base shows off the exciting pink color, and the blender jar holds up to 48 oz.

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