Missing Cornwall teenager Lana Curtis-Hornby could be in Hampshire

It is thought Lana Curtis-Hornby, who was last seen at her home in Cornwall on Wednesday, may have travelled out of the county. 

Devon and Cornwall Police say they are now growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of the 16-year-old.

Lana was last seen in the Saltash area at around 5pm on Wednesday.

She is described as a white female of slim build, with shoulder length hair that is dyed burgundy.

Lana has brown eyes, often wears glasses, and she also has three nose piercings. She is 5ft 5in tall.

Daily Echo:

Lana was last seen wearing black cargo trousers and a black jumper with white and orange coloured Nike Jordans, and possibly carrying a black handbag.

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “She is believed to have travelled to the Hampshire or Surrey areas but also has links to Dorset.

“If you have seen Lana, or know of her whereabouts, please call police immediately on 999, quoting log number 882 of 8/2/23.”

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