Marygate roadworks: lengthy York project gets extension

Lengthy roadworks in Marygate just outside the city walls have been going on since the latter part of last year with the original plan of being finished by the middle of this month (February).

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But City of York Council has now extended the works period which was set to run out today (February 10) until February 17.

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A council spokesman said: “This is necessary to ensure that the roadway resurfacing works being undertaken can be carried out safely.

“The effect is to continue in force the prohibition on vehicles from proceeding in those lengths of closed road on Marygate, Hetherton Street, Frederick Street, Esplanade Court and Marygate Lane starting on Saturday, (February 11) and ending at midnight on Friday (February 17) or at the end of the works period whichever is the earlier.

“It is envisaged that the roads will only be closed between 9.30am and 4pm each day.

“Traffic signs and barriers will indicate the extent of the prohibition.”

The council says the work includes:completely renewing the road and damaged footpaths; introducing a number of formal uncontrolled pedestrian crossings and removing and replacing any damaged York flagstones, kerbs and concrete pavers.

The Press reported earlier this week how the junction with Bootham was closed overnight on Thursday also as part of the works.


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