South Fork Natural History Museum to offer tiger salamanders walks

Evening tours of Montauk’s seasonal pools starting this Saturday might reveal a New York rarity: an endangered eastern tiger salamander, which in this state is only found on Long Island.

“There is nothing better than seeing a smile on a kid’s face when they realize that they are helping to save a species and make an impact on the planet,” the walks’ leader, Andy Sabin, a Bridgehampton precious metals tycoon and philanthropist who founded the South Fork Natural History Museum, said by email.

Bur first, Mother Nature must deliver enough rain. These salamanders mainly live underground, the state Department of Environmental Conservation says, only emerging at night this month and the next to breed by those pools. 

Thursday night’s odds of rain were 20%, the National Weather Service said. Any decision to cancel the walk would be made Saturday.

“I want kids to be the future stewards. I started at the age of 9 and I never grew up!” Sabin said.

WHERE: The South Fork Natural History Museum & Nature Center

377 Bridgehampton / Sag Harbor Turnpike in Bridgehampton, New York

WHEN: Saturday

TIME: 7:30 p.m.

TICKETS: To register for this program, please email or call 631-537-9735. 

Additional walks: March 4, 11, and 18.

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