Dozens of unidentified bodies lie in makeshift morgue in Turkey

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Seawater reaches inland in Iskenderun city after quake

STORY: EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: An earlier version of this video’s script said that sea levels rose by 200 meters/656 feet following the earthquake. It should have said that water reached 200 meters inland following the earthquake. This following script reflects that change.Water reached inland approximately 656 feet in Iskenderun following two earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6.After Monday’s (February 6) quakes that flattened a swathe of its towns and cities Turkey is grappling with one of its major challenges, how to shelter hundreds of thousands of people left homeless in the middle of winter.With some 6,500 buildings collapsed and countless more damaged, hundreds of thousands of people lack safe housing.The death toll from the major quake, Turkey’s deadliest since 1999, rose to 16,546 on Thursday.

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