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1,000+ Tech companies have laid off 1,50,000+ employees in just 2022.

Whereas in 2023 till now 234 tech companies have laid off 75,912 employees (1/2 of 2022 in just the first month itself).

Why Tech layoffs have been happening?


During the pandemic, people spent a lot of time online.

This upsurge was a boon for tech companies. It led to the expansion of teams to meet the requirements of the market.


Many tech companies continued hiring post-pandemic.

However, when the curbs eased, consumption in the online world fell. This is still resulting in heavy losses for tech companies.


Rising inflation is also adding fuel to the fire in the current job market.

Also, the current war scenario between Russia & Ukraine is making the market volatile. For example, Meta was banned in Russia which cost the company $2 Billion.

Surprising, Apple didn’t participated in this layoff race as they did sustainable hiring during 2020-21 & avoided FOMO.

The best thing is to choose a job that one is truly passionate about, have multiple sources of income, keep improving one’s skills & building a personal brand for oneself.

How to Prepare for a Layoff :-

– Update Your Resume
– Research Your Field
– Look at Job Descriptions
– Update Your LinkedIn Profile
– Network
– Save What You Can (and Cut Your Expenses)
– Know Your Rights
– Take Advantage of Your Benefits
– Get Your Stuff Together
– Negotiate Severance
– Get a (New) Job
– Consider Freelancing
– Look Around
– Keep Your Cool

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